A Little Nook-E with Me

For those who have a B&N Nook e-Reader, you can now purchase my latest book, Are You Sitting Down?, for just $2.99.

You can also get my last book, Stealing Wishes, on your Nook for just $1.99.

Amazon Kindle versions of all of my books are also available for $2.99 and under.

A paperback version of my latest is almost available!  My proof copy has shipped and will hopefully arrive this week.   If everything looks good and I approve of it, it’ll be on sale by the end of this month.  If not, we may not see it till November.  But that’s okay.  The book does take place at Christmas and I was hoping for it to come out right before the holidays.  Don’t think of this as a Christmas book though.  It can certainly be read anytime of the year.  And that’s one reason why I opted for a non-holiday book cover.







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