They’re cuttin’ down trees…

While I don’t have a river to skate away on (and it is coming near Christmas), J and I did spend part of our day cuttin’ down trees….banana trees, that is. This was the first year we experimented with planting them in the ground, thanks to advice from Mom and the success she has down in good ole Tennessee with hers each year. Here’s the smaller of the two before we dug it up:

And here’s a pic of the big guy before he came down.  This one was about three feet tall, the smallest we had, when we planted it back in the spring.  Keep in mind that I’m 6 foot 1.  Oh, and the one I’m holding is one of her babies.  She sprouted four babies around her, two of which we gave to a neighbor.

Last pic before we cut off all the leaves.  The two big ones lost their limbs and their roots got bagged so they’ll go dormant for the winter.  We left three smaller ones in a pot in the basement, but definitely plan to ground them again next year!  Sad to think Spring is six months away!  Can’t you tell by the disappointment on my face?


  1. Look at that sad face. I am still waiting for my bulb order to come. We’ve pretty much got the remainder of the yard cleaned up for now. I have one tree to prune, but we need to wait until the leaves drop.

  2. OOOOhhhhhhhh…… it is sad that those beautiful plants will lay dormant. I hate the winter, but I do look forward to your pics of the winter birds you feed ! I workded all weekend doing yard work too.

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