The Urban Gardener – Spring Planning 2011 Part II

Salome Daffodil

23 Bulbs and then some!  That’s what today consisted of.  I spent a little over two hours today outside planting phase 2 of the spring bulbs which came in the mail on Thursday. This consisted of 50 Salome Daffodil bulbs and 25 Tahiti Daffodil bulbs. At most, I was only going to plant 25 of each, alternating them along the walkway in the front yard.  However, even 25 was more than enough.  I alternated them around the walkway, 6 inches apart and only ended up planting 23 bulbs total.  The rest will be given to Mom and planted in her yard when I visit again later this month.  That does leave one more phase of bulbs due to arrive in about a week: hyacinths, irises, and some tulips.

Mom always had daffodils, or buttercups as we called them, along the sides house when we were growing up.  They were the solid yellow ones, which often filled a vase on the kitchen table when they bloomed.  Irises are still my favorites because they remind me of home, but I chose daffodils because they bloom early.  Most of our current beds don’t bloom until May or later. And most of blooming flowers are purple or lavender irises. We did have yellow day lilies that bloomed in the back yard this year, and some of the hostas have white blooms. So, I think the daffodils will be a nice addition for next Spring.

I also bought two white irises today at the nursery.  I had been keeping my eye on these all summer, and lucky for me they had 3 left today.  I purchased two for the price of one, thanks to gift bucks we’d earned there from purchases we made back in June. These white irises were added to the new flower bed in the back that we built in June.

Tahiti Daffodil

After planting, J and I gathered up the potted plants that needed to come inside for winter.  It’s suppose to get down to 40 degrees tonight!  The basement is now somewhat of a jungle with three potted banana trees, a Sago palm, a Snake plant, and the pineapple top we planted earlier this year. I cut back the potted elephant ears and dug up their bulbs, hoping to save them and try planting them again next year. Their leaves made a nice arrangement in a vase on the window sill. We also brought in a pot of hens and chicks, and a second snake plant which J potted from cuttings from the larger one.

That leaves 4 banana trees to dig up, two of which I’m giving away to a neighbor. The new patio chairs will also have to come inside.  Then in a few weeks we’ll cut everything else back as it turns brown and wilts.  It’s sad to say good-bye to what has been our best year yet as far as the flower beds go, but I’m already looking forward to next Spring which will hopefully be even better.

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