The First 100 Pages ~ First Person Plural by Andrew Beierle

Ever read a book where you wished you actually knew the characters in the book in real life? That’s exactly how I feel with the book I started last week, First Person Plural by Andrew W.M. Beierle

It’s the story of two conjoined twins named Owen and Porter. They share the same body, but have two heads. Owen controls one side of the body, while Porter controls the other.  On the inside, they each have a heart, and as Owen says, each heart is very different.

Porter is a star athlete and very outgoing, while Owen is more introverted and a bit of a nerd. However, the two become popular thanks to magazine and TV interviews, and because of their music. They make up a duo band named Janus which gets them attention after they play at the Olympics.

The major conflict at hand is that Porter is straight and his conjoined twin brother Owen is gay.  And they share only 1 penis. Though a bit humorous and definitely odd, the book explores Porter falling in love while Owen is literally forced to go along for the ride.

The book is just over 300 pages, and I just made it a third of the way through last night and I have to say the book is absolutely amazing.  I’ve been shocked; I’ve been touched, but most of all I’ve been totally hooked right from the start. Mr. Beierle must have done a lot of research and also put a lot of heart into this book.

His approach to the subject and to his lead characters, although the story is told from Owen’s POV, is very sensitive and although the twins know they are special, they are not treated as freaks but he does approach how others look at them throughout the book and the struggles they face.

More to come when I finish it…

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