The Urban Gardener -Spring Planning 2011

Yep, you are reading that right.  I said Spring 2011.

Last Fall, I bought mail order bulbs and had a lot of success with them this past Spring.  So, I went ape wild and bought more bulbs and roots this year from three different companies.  My first shipment arrived today and will be planted this weekend!

Today’s shipment was purchased from the Gilbert H. Wild & Sons Co. which is local, right here in Sarcoxie, MO (where ever that is).

I purchased 3 types of irises (2 of each) and 2 lilies (6 of each).

I’m really excited about the lilies because these two types will grow 4 to 5 feet tall.  They are called Big Yellow and Lily Dublin.  J said we had too much purple in the gardens this year… not anymore!  These are pics from the vendor’s websites.  But pics of my own will come next year!

Irises are my favorite flower because they remind me of home.  The three varieties are also all orange or yellow in color:  Champagne Waltz, Fall Fiesta, and Harvest of Memories.  These pics are from Google.

I’ll post more about the other 2 shipments when they arrive!

Fall Fiesta
Champagne Waltz
Harvest of Memories
Lily Dublin
Big Yellow


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