Another 5 Star Review for Stealing Wishes…

Author Dan Marvin wrote a glowing review for Stealing Wishes over at Amazon this week.

Click here to read it!

Dan’s opinion is important and meaningful to me because he is a happily married heterosexual male!  Just him putting down any preconceived notions speaks volumes.  Dan has an open mind though, but confesses that a “gay romantic comedy” isn’t usually his forte.  And that’s okay.  Here’s my favorite part of the review:

I should have known that the emphasis here would be on romance and relationships, not the act of sex itself. I should have known that I would end up liking the main character as a person, and that the plot would drive the story. I should have anticipated the subtle philosophy sprinkled throughout the book and the smart writing style that pulled me along with the narrative. I should have known all of that but I let my pre-conceptions of ‘gay romance’ sway my decision and that’s a shame.

I’ve been told a few times that as a writer, I’m better than this.  People think I should write “something else” to reach a broader audience.  I’m good enough to write something “better” that will appeal to more people. Thank you, Dan, for proving that a book with a gay male as its central character can reach a broader audience.

I write who I am, and if I can’t write that then I should just put down the pen because I’m not being honest with myself or with my readers.

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