The Big C

Is anyone else watching The Big C on Showtime?  It just started two weeks ago. It stars Laura Linney who is just magnificent. Gabourey Sidibe also has a supporting role.

It’s about a woman whose been diagnosed with cancer, but gets a bit caught up in her normal life and decides not to tell anyone.  She and her husband are separated and he’s eager to get back with her, but thinks she’s cheating on him after he hears a voice mail from her doctor.  Her son is a prankster who wants to go away for six weeks to soccer camp, but Mom wants him to stay at home so they can catch up on all the things they’ve missed out on.  And she has a homeless brother whose angry at everyone for messing up the world buy buying big SUVs and not recycling.  There’s a bitchy neighbor whose also ready to check out but “just keeps waking up.”

If you just ever really wanted to laugh at the complexities and unfairness of life, you need to get in on this show.  It brings tears to my eyes and a smile to my face every time I watch it.  The premiere was just amazing and had me hooked right from the start.  We really do just need to laugh sometimes!

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