One More Trip to The Other Side

There’s a new review of my first book, The Other Side of What, over at Amazon this week.  It was posted by fellow author Mark Zero.  I’ve read three of Mark’s four books, and I was very pleased to learn he’d purchased a copy of my first book a few weeks ago.  I warned him that it was definitely my freshman attempt at novel writing, after all I published the book back in 2003 and I think my second book, Stealing Wishes, is much better. I’ve already been told that my upcoming book, Are You Sitting Down?, is my strongest yet – by a handful of people who’ve already had the pleasure of reading it.

At his blog, Mark compared the book to the likes of gothic horror, a typical trait of Southern Fiction.  I have to admit I was on cloud nine when I read that.  I always wanted the novel to have some dark qualities to it since Southern Lit is a genre I love and appreciate.  And all I can say is my next novel is even darker.  More to follow about it…

For now, thanks Mark for reading me and for the outstanding review!  It’s nice to get kudos, but most of all I love to hear what other readers took from my work.  I yearn to see what they learned.  And I learn from it.  It’s what helps me continue to grow as a writer.

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