2010 Reading List Update

It’s been a while since I had book chat here on the blog, so I thought I’d take a moment to fill all my readers (all two of you) in on what I’ve read and what I’m going to read, and how the goal is going for 2010.

This past week I finished Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places.  Brilliant dark mystery that I absolutely loved and highly recommend.  You can find my review of it at Amazon.

This week I’m reading Mark Zero’s Give the Drummer Some. Mark is an online author friend of mine.  I’ve read two of his other books and really come to appreciate him as a fellow writer.  Mark was nice enough to send me an advanced copy of his latest.  It takes place here in St. Louis, and so far it’s a great read.  More about it later.

A few weeks ago I attempted to start Knowle’s A Separate Peace, a book I was never lucky enough to get to read in high school.  I hate reading two books at once though so it quickly fell to the nightstand in place of Flynn’s book which held my attention more anyway.  I’ll get back to it though some day.

In lieu of the nightstand, I tend to stack new books on the edge of my dining table.  They have yet to fall victim to a curious cat who may mistaken them for a rubbing post in the middle of the night.  I have no idea why I keep them there because it’s not usually the stack I’m going to pick from to read next, and my bookshelf is all of two feet away from the stack on the table.

The top four books in the pic are this week’s purchases though.  Wang Gang’s (love that name) English was picked up on a whim yesterday at Deals for $1.  Never heard of it but its cover caught my eye and I couldn’t pass up the price, so I bought it.  The next three were Amazon purchases which arrived in the mail yesterday:  Gillian Flynn’s first book Sharp Objects, Wander the Rainbow by David Jedeikin (found his page on Facebook where I learned about his book), and Graham Swift’s Waterland (this was on my Amazon wish list and was only bought so I’d meet the $25 free shipping).

As for the 30 book goal for the year, I’m way ahead of schedule.  I’ve read 23 books for the year!  Find my updated list here.

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  1. I love reading about what other people have been reading! I’ve read some really great books just because of someone else reading it. I know that there are so many others that just don’t like to read but I can’t imagine! Reading is like breathing to me. So keep us updated!

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