Google Celebrates 30 Years of Pac Man

This was so awesome!

I wonder how many offices slowed down today while cubicles turned up the volume to play a bit of Pac Man thanks to Google?


  1. Shannon, hi!

    I bought the Kindle version of your book, “The Deluxe POD Pocket Guide To Marketing & Selling Your Book On Amazon.

    I have a question: If I sell 10 POD books on Amazon and another 2500 under “Sell Your Own,” will they all add up to take me to the best seller list?

    • Hi Noel-

      Thanks for buying my book. That number of sales may put you on one of the bestseller lists on Amazon sorted by genre; it may not. But what it will do is increase your sales rank which is even more important. For example, my POD Pocket Guide is currently #5 on the Kindle in Reference: Education: Questions & Answers.

      If your book is on Kindle, you can select up to five categories to have your book placed under which will help readers find it. If your book is paperback, the best way to increase it coming up in searches is to have readers “tag” it with keywords. I talk about tagging in the Pocket Guide.

      Thanks again, and I hope I’ve answered your question.


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