Countdown to Vacation

The Clarion Hotel where we'll be staying on vacation

We’re just 20 days away from our 2010 vacation.  J and I had originally planned to go to New Orleans several months ago.  Then, the oil spill happened.  So, we mentioned the Smokey Mountains instead.  Then, Nashville flooded.  Rather than go for Strike 3 we decided to go back to our original locale and head to the Big Easy.

In speaking with a few people who were just there this past weekend, we’ve learned the French Quarter is alive and well and not affected by the oil spill.  After all, you don’t really go to New Orleans to go to the beach, do you?  Yes, the livelihood of the fisherman will be drastically affected, but we’re still headed in that direction to enjoy the city Post-Katrina and give our vacation money to a much needed local economy!

What am I excited about doing most while we’re there?  Here’s a small list:

  • Coffee and beignets at Cafe Du Monde
  • Buying fruit (or something eccentric) at the French market
  • Getting my cards read at Jackson Square
  • Taking J to Snug Harbor for Jazz and Seafood
  • Walking Ghost Tour
  • Bourbon Street (duh!)
  • Mystic Tea Leaves for a reading and shopping

Small list like I said, but I’ve got 20 days to plan more!  I’m no where near done!

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