Opryland Hotel Underwater!

This is a bit sad and unsettling.  Thanks only to Facebook posts of of pics, and not our local news here in St. Louis, have I learned of the flood damage that’s taken place in Nashville and in and around my hometown of Dyersburg, Tennessee.  Here’s a video from YouTube showing the extensive damage to the hotel which is still under water.

In speaking with my Mom tonight, I’ve learned that her neighborhood is not flooded, however, the neighboring city of Dyersburg is flooded in the southern part.  Businesses south of Dyersburg are drastically affected and underwater and Highway 51 may end up being closed.  This is the main thoroughfare for my Mom and family to get into the city where they work and shop and go to school.  Speaking of school, my niece and nephew have not been in two days because buses can’t get to kids who live in the flood zones.

Pray for the citizens of the affected areas and for the waters to recede!


  1. I have a friend who lives in Nashville and she’s been talking about how devastating it is there. She’s a teacher and her school was out for a week. Those poor people! It’s just horrible.

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