A New Look to My Old Book

One project I can now check off the 2010 laundry list is the release of a brand new 2nd edition to my very first book, The Other Side of What, which was originally published with Xlibris in 2003.  This new 2nd edition is published with Shanlian Wordlit Press.  Though it will be available on Amazon shortly, you can pick up an advanced copy here.

So what’s new about it?

Besides some brief editing, nothing has changed about the story itself so if you read the 1st edition you don’t have to read this one and expect to find any major changes within the content.

The major changes are with the physical book itself.  This new edition measures 5 x 8 whereas the 1st one was 6 x 9.  The 1st was also available in hardcover and paperback; the new one is only in paperback.  The new 2nd edition also has a new cover!  Oh, and let’s not forget price.  This new 2nd edition is just $9.99.  The first edition listed for $30.99 for a hardcover, and $19.99 for paperback.  Unlike oil, I guess the price of books has come down through the years!!

And that’s about it!  Though 7 years old, TOSOW has done really well lately on the Amazon Kindle.  I decided a release of a 2nd, cheaper, edition in paperback might do well too.

Oh, and before anyone asks, yes, yes, that is me on the cover!  😉

What’s next?

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