Picture it….Spring…2007…

…I was sitting in my little corner of the world one morning with a cup of coffee in one hand and a voice in my brain that belonged to a young OCD man named Blaine who was trying to get a date.  That’s all I knew about him. I looked at the coffee.  I looked at the blank screen in front of me.  And then I started writing right from page one without a single idea on where this voice would take me. Three months later I had a rough draft for a book I called 33 And Counting later to be renamed Stealing Wishes.

And here I am again three years later. March is here. We’re supposed to reach almost 50 degrees by the end of the week. I’m anxious for Spring, and even more anxious to start writing (doing) something. Only this time it’s not a new idea.  It’s one that’s been haunting me since probably 2005-2006.  Yep, that old historical fiction pitch I’ve been rambling on about for quite a few years now.

Hey, I’ve got 40,000 words invested in this story. That’s half a novel.  I can’t back out now.  And those damn characters won’t get out of my head.  They won’t stop talking to me. Their story must be told!

So, this Spring I’m determined to finish it!  And I think at least another 50,000 words will do it.  So, I’ve set up my little writing meter over there on the right side at the top of the blog so you can see how I’m doing.  As I reach my goal, a stack of paper will pile up in the middle, trying its best to reach that 50,000 benchmark. And if you scroll over to the far right of the blog, you’ll see Spud, my little couch potato mascot.  Right now, he’s busy watching TV but soon, he’ll get busy typing.  Just you wait…

Spud and I are gonna make history this Spring…even if we have to write it.  Oh wait…it’s historical fiction so we will be writing it!

Welcome to Spring!

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