2010 Reading Goal Update

So, yesterday I finished Book 3 of Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse series,  Club Dead. This was much better than Book 2, Living Dead in Dallas, which I also read this year.

Book 2 was loosely used as inspiration for Season 2 of the HBO series, and I actually thought the TV season was better. Maybe I just expected more from the book since I’d already watched the season and knew what it was about, only to be let down when I discovered it was much different.

Harris is a very simplistic writer, and I often stopped reading to admire the fact that someone actually published what I was reading.  I kept telling myself, “I could write this and write it better.”  Harris’s timing at jumping on the Vampire Popularity Train paid off.  In the end, the books aren’t very complex.  They are extremely repetitive. And contain numerous errors in the plots that a good editor should have caught.

However, as I said, Book 3 was much better since there was an element of suspense that hasn’t been ruined by television yet.  I also enjoyed seeing Sookie spend much of the story away from Bill.  Their relationship is even becoming stressed. Yes, I already know that they don’t stay together, so no need to tell me!  Book 3 also spends a lot of time visiting characters that are werewolves. But what vampire love story doesn’t?

Despite the humor I find in the poor writing and holes in the plot, yes, I am going to continue to read the series.  I may even give Mrs. Harris’s other series a try.  It’s easy to see why they are so addicting though.  They don’t require a lot of thought.

Harris’s characters aren’t very complex either. I like them though because I can relate to their southern disposition, being from the south myself.  And they aren’t pretty.  Harris celebrates their flaws and handicaps which actually makes them feel more real on the page, despite there not really being a lot on the page.

It’s definitely fluffy beach reading, although that sounds so cliché.  But then again, the vampire genre itself has become cliché too, right?


  1. That’s exactly the same thing I thought about the books. I tried reading them, but I didn’t get through the second one. I just couldn’t get into it. I’m glad I finally found someone with the same thoughts!! Good for you, though, for actually continuing to read them. Maybe they’ll get better as they go along.

  2. I’ve read all the Sookie books except for the last one of short stories she published. I agree that they’re fluff – I think I even read a couple of them in less than 24 hours. But like you, I will continue to read them because they’re fun. Season one of True Blood had the best soundtrack too.

  3. I love this series, because they are fun and I don’t have to think. lol! I did read some too close together and they got annoying, but now that I’m caught up and only read them as they are published, it’s not an issue. I love the series too..even though it’s so different from the books.

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