What Does Farmville Mean for Farmers?

Interesting article about Farmville over at Borborygmi that states “stop caring about your virtual farm and start caring about real ones.”

It’s fantasy people, much like all video games these days. Whose to blame here?  The techies who continue to invent enticing crap that keeps us tied to our cell phones and computers all day, or the consumers that get addicted to it?

Go ask the Tobacco Company if you don’t already know.  Then go have a 99 cent hamburger at McDonald’s or something.


One comment

  1. Wow. That guy needs to simmer down. Poor farmville…getting blamed for real world troubles. lol
    Well I support real farms, but I also love my farmville. I mean, where else can you stay cozy warm in your pjs and milk cows? You never have to deal with manure or mud, and the chickens hatch more than just runny egg yolk or babies? I love it!

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