My 2010 New Year Resolutions!

Okay, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to this all week.  Well, not really all week but I have been giving it some thought today, and I’ve decided I better start making my list of resolutions I want to accomplish for the new year.  So, without further delay, and in no particular order…

1. Read 30 books for pleasure!  I did well with this one in 2009.  My goal was to read 25 and I reached my goal halfway through December and even beat it with one more book finished just this week.  So, I’m bumping it up to 30 this next year.  And I say pleasure because I also read books to review for the LL Book Review and I don’t count those.

2. Clip coupons and keep track of my savings.  In 2009, one of my goals was to clip coupons all year and I accomplished that goal too!  But now I want to keep track of how much I save from coupons.  And I’ve already started.  I saved 47 dollars during my last trip to the grocery right before the holidays, and I put that money into my savings account.  So, in 2010, I’m going to clip coupons, keep track of the savings by writing it down each time, and put that money into my savings account!

3. Lose 10 pounds. Yeah, yeah, I know.  Who doesn’t want to lose weight, right?  I set a goal of 30 pounds in 2009 and didn’t lose 1.  So let’s give it a go again next year!  I think my next 2 goals will help with that…

4.  Bring my lunch to work at least three times a week. I used to do this all the time but stopped after we moved closer to work and it became more convenient to just go home on lunch.  But bringing my lunch to work will force me to eat healthier and also help with that reading goal because I’ll have an hour more to read each day. It’ll also help save gas which will in the end save more money!

5.  Eat healthier!  Hoping the weight loss goal and the eating at work goal will help with this one.

6.  Blog more!  I used to blog all the time before Facebook came along.  I have neglected my lil blog here too much this past year.  Don’t worry, lil blog, 2010 is our year!

7.  Write more letters!  And I don’t mean email.  There was a time when I wrote letters almost monthly to friends and family before I had a computer.  And now that I have a computer, we still rarely write to each other.  We just forward jokes.  Plus, I have an older friend in Mississippi who doesn’t have a computer.  I’ve already started this goal by writing thank you notes right after I got back home from Christmas break.  I also wrote a letter to my friend in Mississippi as well.  Hey, who doesn’t still like getting good stuff in the mail, right?

8. Pay off debt.  A few weeks ago I read a book called Generation Debt to help motivate me and to come up with a plan of action.  More about that in another post!

So that’s it.  It’s January 1st.  Let’s get started….


  1. This post makes me want to make some resolutions. Damn you! (lol)

    Seriously, #2 is such an excellent idea! I’ve been wanting to save up for a new laptop. I’ll put my coupon savings into a laptop fund. Thanks!!!

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