Where Do We Go From Here?

I’m always at a loss after Christmas when there’s that week left between Christmas and New Years.  New Year’s Eve is not a holiday I’ve celebrated with much style in many years.  Last year I think I was napping at 9pm that night.

Christmas was great this year.  I went home again to Tennessee to see the family.  Had dinner on Christmas Eve with family at my Mom’s and opened gifts.  I got a new set of pots and pans from Mom, cologne and books, money and gift cards.  I ate too much and had too many sweets.  Brought too much candy home thanks to Sis!  Had Christmas Day breakfast with Dad.  Visited relatives.  Did some “day after” shopping with Mom and Sis and then came home last night.  To my surprise, J had already taken down the tree and packed away all the decorations. What a relief because that’s probably what I would have spent today doing.

So, it’s been nice just resting.  We tried some new recipes with the new pots and pans.  They are awesome.  The recipes were too.  And then it snowed today, a nice heavy snow with big fluffy snowflakes.  And today, right now, I pause to think…Wow, another year has come and gone.  There’s only a few days left.  The days just take forever sometimes to go by; it’s the years that won’t slow down.

So it’s nice to have time today to pause and think and plan and contemplate next year and what I would like to accomplish.

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