Coupon Crazy in 2009…and 2010

Well, I’m happy to say that not only did I finish my book reading New Year’s resolution for 2009 just a few weeks ago, but I also managed to clip coupons all year long which was another goal of mine.  While I didn’t do a good job of keeping track of the savings, I’m definitely going to do better at that next year.  And I’m starting this week since it’s the holiday!

I hit up Shop N Save on Thursday this week since it was a $10 off $50 day.  With coupons also, I saved $21.46.  I finished up my grocery shopping today and used a total of $21.23 in coupons.  That’s $42.69 which is a good start, and I’ve already put that into my savings account whose balance was only $5.00 before today!  So, $47.69 is my balance in savings going into the New Year, although I do have my account set up to move $25.00 each month on the 25th from my checking to savings so I will actually go into the New Year with almost $100 in the cookie jar.

I also joined a Coupon Clipping Group last Sunday.  They meet once a month.  It was great motivation for me to clip and save more.  I mailed off $33.00 in rebates this week, all savings I picked up at the first meeting!  That will roll into my savings once I get those checks back too!  I’m already looking forward to the January meeting.

One more step in the right direction to savings this week was reorganizing the kitchen pantry.  Our current pantry was small and very deep so things had a tendency to get lost, and I usually ended up over buying.  This morning I came up with the idea of moving some of our basic goods like canned foods and box goods out of the pantry and to the open shelves we have in the kitchen on one wall.  The shelves were currently being used to display decorative bowls and platters, but most of the shelves had become a catch all for other stuff and didn’t really look too decorative.  J liked the idea so much he reorganized all the shelves while I was out shopping.  This will help us not overbuy on stuff, and it makes everything much more organized and accessible.  So, in a way, we’ll be saving here too.  And I like the Farmer’s Market feel to it. Here’s a pic of the “new” pantry organization…

One comment

  1. Looks great!!! Go to web site Hip2save and check it out…. mmmmmm…top left shelf has lots of cereal boxes, you gonna let your kid eat all that kind of stuff???? LOL

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