Why You Should Send Christmas Cards

I filled out my Christmas cards today to drop in the mail to family and friends, something I’ve done every year ever since I left home.  In this day and age, I think the art and tradition of a greeting card during the holidays is just about dead. We have email to blame for that, don’t you think? But anyone who would use email as an excuse for not sending them, should reconsider.

Email is so impersonal. My email box gets so full of ads, junk, jokes, and bill pay confirmations, that I’d be numb to something heartfelt and meaningful received via email at all. Yes, email is quick but most of us don’t even bother to send a holiday greeting that means something.  We send Santa jokes, or cookie recipe chain emails; it’s the same stuff every year.

And if you do take the time to send out an e-greeting, chances are it gets deleted sooner or later with all the other virtual letters and junk mail.  No one prints out an e-greeting to hang from the mantel or in the doorway, do they?

So, consider these reasons for sending greeting cards…

  1. Buying stamps and putting mail into the postal system saves jobs for postal workers and keeps the price of stamps from going up more.
  2. Cards are cheap.  Cards made from recycled paper can also be found everywhere these days.  And can be recycled again.
  3. Everyone loves to get a card in the mail.  It’s much more personal and meaningful than email, especially during the holidays.

And for those who are worried about being “green,” consider these options for recycling the cards you receive…

  1. Cut the artwork from the cards to make name tags for gifts or handmade ornaments.
  2. Most people write on only one side of the card, just under the verse or greeting that’s printed inside.  So, cut the cover off, add your own personal verse or greeting to the back, and mail them next year as Christmas postcards. No envelopes needed!
  3. If you like the artwork on the card, consider framing it for holiday decor. Or if you are giving picture frames for Christmas, take out the department store model pictures and replace them with greeting card pictures to spruce up your gift. Or glue magnets to the back and put them on the fridge for a holiday look.

So, during these fast paced times when we are emailing and texting and buying gifts that won’t mean anything after they are opened, consider preserving the art and tradition of holiday greeting cards.  Buy and mail some today!


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