A Trip Home: Photolog

Well, it wouldn’t be a trip home for me without camera in tow.  I didn’t have my nice Cannon with me, but have recently enjoyed just snapping pics with the small Nikon Coolpix 5600 that J and I bought a few years ago when we wanted a digital camera.  I hated the camera at first, and still much prefer my larger digital Cannon, but the Nikon is small and easy to carry around in my pocket.  And as you’ll see, it doesn’t take bad pics either…

I’ve always loved this address sign my Aunt has in front of her house.  The spring flowers in bloom were just begging to be photographed.


This pump is fake, but definitely speaks country planted in her front yard.  She also has an old wagon wheel and an iron kettle in the yard used for a planter.


This is the basketball goal in my Mom’s backyard where we used to play.  I’m much taller now than I was back then but I swear this goal is still too high.  It’s as tall as the house, if not taller.  Notice the tractor tire on the left.  There used to be three or four of these around our back yard filled with dirt and used as planters.  They were always fun to stand on and do a balancing act or to sit on and catch your breath after playing.


Some old clothes pins on my Mom’s clothes line.  More pics of these later…


An old bench that my Dad gave to my Mom one year for Easter or Mother’s Day or something.  It’s never been treated, but has held up quite nicely over the years.   That’s green moss or lichens growing on the wood, not paint.


Old metal wash tubs hanging in Mom’s shed.  From shucking corn, to washing green beans, to bathing the dog, these tubs sure could tell some stories.


It was definitely summer time in Tennessee.  All of Mom’s flowers were so pretty.


Couldn’t resist a snapshot of a dogwood bloom.  It’s the state tree.


Mom’s birdhouse.


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