Did Amazon Fail?

Within just a few hours, it became the top topic on Twitter.bookburning460

People wrote letters to Amazon.

Over 3,000 People joined the Facebook page in just 2 days.

And thousands of people were blogging about it.

People were even discussing it in forums on Amazon.

I’m not talking about a new Twilight book either.

For those who don’t know (Is your computer on?) Amazon has admitted that “an embarrassing and ham-fisted cataloging error” led to the removal of tens of thousands of adult and gay and lesbian titles from its book charts. Authors and readers bombarded the Seattle-based firm with complaints over Easter weekend after books – many dealing with gay and lesbian themes, sexuality, sexual health, and erotica – disappeared from its ranking system in what appeared to be a botched attempt to make its bestseller lists more family friendly.

Amazon apologized and dismissed it as a coding glitch.

Sure. And Korea is trying to launch nuclear missiles for the heck of it.

For many of us, myself included, it was a step backward and in the wrong direction. It was a real life Fahrenheit 451. As Gore Vidal said, “Why don’t they just burn the books?”

While I haven’t heard or read anything in support of what Amazon did, I’m sure there are people out there with their own thoughts about it. So I ask you this. What if Amazon stopped selling Bibles? What if they stripped the sales rank of all books written by African Americans? What if they decided to stop selling all books about psychics, witches, wizards, vampires and the like (including Harry Potter and Twilight) ?

This isn’t about the majority of gay and lesbian titles that were affected, it’s about the fact that the largest online bookseller in the country just offended your first amendment rights. It’s blatant censorship if I’ve ever seen it.

Yeah, Amazon just happens to be the largest online bookseller in the country, but when it’s all said and done, Amazon is just a website.  They can sell what they want and discriminate all they like.  And all they’ll have to say about it?  Get over it!

I say support your local bookstore!  They need your purchases to pay their employees and stay in business.  What happens when we give all our money to Amazon, then all the brick and mortar stores shut their doors forever, then when Amazon owns 100% of the market share they start pulling this BS again?  And this time, it’s no glitch!

Think about it!

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