So my week was too busy for me to go to the grocery store on a weekday.  Missed another $10 day at Shop N Save.  Oh well.  I did go to our nasty local Wal~Mart on Wednesday to buy what I refer to as dry goods….cereal, paper towels, meds, snacks.  It’s a nasty Wal~Mart because it’s so old.  The aisles are always full of skids of stock with no stock boys in sight.  And it’s always busy with nasty people.  I did spend $70 and saved $23.00 in coupons though so I guess that balances out the frustration.  Case in point, while leaving the parking lot in my car an old lady stops in the middle of the lot to examine her receipt, completely blocking traffic in both directions.  I was 3 seconds away from honking.

So yay, I guess that means I have to hit up the grocery store today, the grocery store that’s closed tomorrow for Easter, the grocery store that will be so freaking busy today with Jesus freaks buying up stuff for Sunday lunch and Easter egg hunts.  I just need some kitty litter and some food, damn it.  Slept till 9 today though.  Had my coffee. Checked my email, and here I sit because I don’t really want to go.

I’ve got other places I need to go to as well.  The farmers market for my fruits and veggies.  Maybe I’ll take the cam and take a pic for the blog.  I also want to go to Michael’s (only because I have a coupon) and need to get something for Easter for my Mom and my Sis.  And we’re thinking Sushi for dinner tonight.  Mmmm…there’s another grocery store nearby that has the best.  Yes, I said the grocery store.

So, better get this day started….right now….okay now….maybe now?…*sigh*

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