1994…Another Poem by Yours Truly

Not only did I graduate from high school in 1994, but I also spent weekends going to Memphis with friends to go to a bar called Amnesia.  Today, although the doors have long closed, it’s still one of the best dance clubs I’ve ever went to.  I loved it so much I wrote a poem about it…

JUNE 28, 1994

I think I have Amnesia;
And I wonder if I’m right,
Because I have no recollection
Of where I was last night.

I think I was with friends,
But their names, I do not really know.
I think the lights would often spin,
And there was an extremely teasing show.

But now I do seem to remember
That the music was so loud,
And the dance floor was the place to mingle
With the somewhat happy crowd.

I remember all the different people;
The ones I met, I never knew;
But as I try to recall conversations,
I haven’t got a clue

As to what I might have said or done
As it was getting late.
I guess I do have Amnesia,
And I can’t even think straight.

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