Miss Emily in April

emily-005For National Poetry Month this month, I decided to pick up a book that’s been on the nightstand for quite some time.  It’s a collection of Poems by Emily Dickinson.  I fell in love with Emily back in college when I was first exposed to her verse in a creative writing course.

Many of her poems are so haunting and mysterious.  I bought post-it tabs just so I could mark all the poems I wanted to remember.  There were so many that struck a chord with me which I know I’ll want to come back and read again.  Had I lived near Emily back in the day, I know we would have been good friends.

She’s so inspiring to a poet like me.  Her poems definitely reflect a writer ahead of her time.  Here’s one of her many nameless poems which I tabbed…

SO proud she was to die
It made us all ashamed
That what we cherished, so unknown
To her desire seemed.

So satisfied to go
Were none of us should be,
Immediately, that anguish stooped
Almost to jealousy.

This is an out of print collection which is worth getting your hands on if you can find it.  Spend some time with Emily.  You won’t be disappointed.

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