More Poems from the 90s…

Here’s another poem of mine from 1990.  It’s best read out loud in a grumpy old man voice…

The Time Has Come

As I lie here trying to sleep,
Under these covers with my aching feet
I think of times and how they’ve passed
And just wonder how long I’m going to last.

My bones are brittle, my brain is weak,
I’m so tired I can hardly speak;
My legs are sore, I can’t even walk,
My voice is a stutter when I try to talk.

One of these days I might not get up
To reach for my teeth in that old plastic cup;
I have nothing to be sad or worried about though,
Because if I die, the Lord will take care of my soul.

And though I can’t remember anyone dying while I was in high school, I also wrote this one in 1991…

Loss of a Love One

Loss of a loved one shows through the heart,
To begin to explain it, there’s no where to start;
Loss of a loved one is when family has died,
You can feel the sadness when you’re alone and you’ve cried;
Loss of a loved one is when someone goes away,
Even though you love them, you can’t see them everyday;
Loss of a loved one is when you wish they were near,
To hug and hold you, or wipe away a tear;
Loss of a loved one is when you truly must go on through,
Even though you’re hurt, you keep the loved one close to you.

I must have been channeling Miss Emily with this one, though she was much more “versed” in writing poems about death, wasn’t she?

I’ll leave you this Friday with a happy funny poem also from 1991…


I can’t stand your embrace,
Please get out of my face,
You’re driving me crazy and mad.
I’m getting all smashed,
I’m catching your rash,
And you smell all stinky and bad.
You walk like a bear,
You’re truly a scare,
Stop it before I turn blue.
Your nose is a snout,
I wish you’d get out,
I’m going to start kicking you.
Your arms are like snakes,
Your fingers like rakes,
I think I’ll just go insane.
You’re as big as a whale,
With a big floppy tale,
And you’re causing me terrible pain.
My stomach’s in a whirl,
I think I will hurl,
And you’re standing on my big toe.
You’re ugly and fat;
Now stop doing that.
I wish you would just go!!

Have a poetic weekend!

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