April is National Poetry Month…

I thought I’d celebrate with a few poems each week this month from my personal collection.  Here’s the earliest poem I have which I wrote back in 1989…

An Ocean Scent

As I walk along the beach
Counting shells each by each,
I smell the salt in the water there,
And spot the seagull drifting in the air.

I fill the heat of the crisp summer day;
I spot a crab near the ocean’s bay.
I see the image of the reclusive boat
Smashing the rocks, not staying afloat.

I would join it if I knew how;
I cannot swim; I’ll do it right now.
Who’s concerned about me being alive?
I walk to the cliff and take a quick dive…

No one will have to know
about this undoubtful day,
Until my body joins the crab
near the bay.

I only wrote two poems that year, that I have on record.  And the other was called “Suicide.”  I promise I was a happy child.  I don’t know what I wrote such sad stuff.  Here’s one from 1990 with much lighter spirit…


I heard a soft singing voice one sunny day,
I looked in a tree and saw a little blue jay;
He whistled here and then whistled there,
His wonderful song soon filled the air;
Nature sang back, and the sun kept him warm,
The trees gave him shelter from the terrible storm;
That’s when I felt little drops hit my head;
I think that crummy bird will soon be dead.

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