My Dear Bailey

031509-0021Last night we almost lost our dear Bailey.  I had let them out for their usual evening business and had just stepped back inside for a moment.  Then, I went back outside to call them in.  Zander, our littlest one, immediately ran to the door.  I stepped out onto the deck because our back neighbor had just let his dogs out and ours often run to the fence to bark at them.  I called their names before they’d reached the fence to start barking and Riley came running toward me.  Bailey approached the fence and had just started barking, but when I yelled at him he turned and started walking back toward me.  That’s when our neighbor’s pit bull/bull dog jumped the fence and attacked Bailey.  He rolled Bailey a few times in the yard.  I ran toward them yelling and slinging my arms.  Luckily, Bailey got away and ran toward the porch.  I put myself between him and the larger dog, still yelling.  The dog charged me, but stayed a few feet away just standing there growling and snapping.  At that time, the neighbor jumped the fence and grabbed his dog.  Obscenities were yelled.  Blood pressure raised. Hearts beat faster.  J was upset. I was upset.  We called Animal Control because others have had problems with this dog.  But in the end, our Bailey was just roughed up a bit and dirty.  Luckily, he had no wounds, scratches, or broken bones.  Our dogs are our lives, our children, so if it had been any worse I don’t know how I’d cope.  Thankfully, I went back outside to call them in when I did or it could have been worse.  And thankfully a little angel was looking out for Bailey last night.


  1. Shannon, what a horrible experience for both you and Bailey and thanks be that he’s okay. Shame on the owner for not controlling his dog. I can’t blame the pitbull mix because I think viciousness in a dog is the fault either of the breeder – for breeding dogs with mean temperaments – or the owner – for teaching their dog to be mean. I say this as both a past dog breeder and avid dog lover. Give Bailey a kiss for me!

    Lulu author (you know who) and Tweeter Welch6331

  2. Bailey, I hope you feel better and you don’t have nightmares over this. We love your babies, and hope they get over this trauma soon. And also the both of you. love you all

  3. Too bad it’s bad people that raise bad dogs, thank goodness we can take care of bad people real easily (in more ways than one). See you in Court idiot owner – let’s euthanize you! (I won’t put his name on the site for obvious reasons).

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