Waiting for Spring

The wait is over here in St. Louis.  With weather in the 70s this week, patches of green on the lawn, and birds visiting my back yard other than those fat little winter sparrows, today is officially the first day of spring.  My neighbor’s dogwood in bloom proves it.

Besides getting outside and watching things grow or buying veggies at my local farmers market, I can’t wait to read R.J. Keller’s book Waiting for Spring.  It came out about a year ago and has received 4 five star reviews so far on Amazon.  waitingforspring

Buy a copy here!

Read about it here!

R.J. lives in Maine with her husband and two kids, is a huge indie movie fan, works nights at a convenience store, and blogs all about it on her blog.

So, don’t wait any more.  Spring is here!  Celebrate it with a good book!

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