Stealing Wishes Now Available on Smashwords

With the e-generation taking over the internet nation, e-books are more popular than ever. Who knows if the digital age will be the demise of the paperback book, but for authors like me, websites like Smashwords are helping me to reach a wider audience than ever before.  You could say I’ve got a one way ticket on the e-train!stealingwishes

Smashwords is an online e-store which was created last May.  It allows authors to upload their work and have it instantly available for purchase in several different formats.  Right now, E-reading only represents about 1% of the book market, but I’m sure that will grow in the near future as the e-trend catches on.

So, I’m happy to say that my 2nd and latest book, Stealing Wishes, is now available at Smashwords for the low low price of just $3.99.  That’s almost $1.00 cheaper than downloading it to your Kindle direct from Amazon or direct from the publisher.  I love Smashwords because my book’s page also has links directing readers to where they can purchase a hard copy if they want it; my page also has my YouTube Book trailer.

So, stop by Smashwords and check it out today!  And maybe even download a copy!?

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