Angels and Demons

I’m just 40 pages away from the end of my first book for 2009, Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.  For those who may have read my 2009 Resolutions page, you know that I made it a goal to read and record here on my blog at least 24 books this year.  Having to average at least 2 a month to stay on track, that leaves one day (tomorrow) to read another book and not fall behind.

At a whopping 578 pages, Angels and Demons is a heavy book, not just in page count but also in drama.  I wanted to read it only because there’s a movie due out in May with Tom Hanks, playing the same character he did in The Da Vinci Code.

I give kudos to Dan Brown for weaving a fast paced mystery that all takes place in one day and is full of historical references from Vatican City, the Illuminati, the Pope, the Bible, Science, all over Rome, antimatter, science, ambigrams, CERN, and much much more.

However, his writing sometimes is so over the top and drips with drama that if you stripped away all the historical points he references, you’d probably have a fifth grade creative writing assignment.  More about it later when I give it an official review after finishing it.

After reading this monster mammoth of a book, and with only 1 day left in January, I definitely plan to read something light and fluffy.  Hmmm…The Very Hungry Caterpillar looks good.  And it’s only 24 pages.

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