Resolutions Begin

While I didn’t benefit from any clipped coupons this week, I did have eight dollars in “holiday bucks” which had been previously passed out at my local grocery store during the holidays.  They came in quite handy and I’m rounding them up to ten dollars which will be going into savings to get the year started.

A trip to the local Petco yesterday was strange.  I noticed the cashier talking to herself when I walked in for a bag of dogfood.  I was the only person in the store, but when I went back up front to check out I noticed one of the employees laying on the floor in a giant dog bed and covered up with a blanket.  I was embarrased for them and said nothing.  But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to say something.  I called the customer service hotline on the receipt when I got home.  The operator said she had now officially heard it all, but is sending me a 5 dollar coupon as a courtesy.  It will definitely go to use.

So, as advice, always call businesses who have hotlines on their receipts…whether good or bad, it can pay off for you in the end as a consumer.

For my book reading resolution, I’m currently reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown only because there’s a movie due out in May with Tom Hanks and I thoroughly enjoyed reading and watching The Da Vinci Code.  A&D is 548 pages but the chapters are really short (some only 2 pages), so I always feel like I’m accomplishing a lot everytime I sit and read a few chapters.  And it is engrossing enough to keep me interested so far.

I weighed in on the 31st and was actually down 5 pounds then what I was earlier in the month.  As much as I ate in food and sweets over the holidays and I somehow managed to drop 5 pounds???  Oh well…I’m not including that in my 33 pound goal though.  I’ve been doing some reading to find healthy snack foods since my lunch at work is so late (1:30pm and I get off work at 5:30pm) in the day.  I made a list of some that topped the list…pistachios, kashi cookies, apples and nut butter, Special K cereal with yogurt.  I usually take a piece of fruit anyway.  I already eat K cereal and yogurt, just not together.  I also found that tuna and eggs are good fillers.  As is oatmeal with honey, nuts, and berries.  Today I’ve already had oatmeal with honey and a banana and a cup of green tea.  I’m skipping coffee today.

So for day 2 of 2009, that’s where I am!  I feel food about all of it so far.  We’ll see where I am six months from now though.

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