Christmas Shopping 2008

I’m not a power shopper.  I’m not a shopper who gets up at 2am on Black Friday to go camp outside of Wal-Mart with a thermos of hot chocolate and a lawn chair.  I’m usually broke and maxed out this time of year with all my shopping done.  This year is no different.  I’m one of those people who’s in and out of a store in 20 minutes tops, no browsing, no trying on clothes, just get it, pay for it, and go home.72597217SC007_shopping

But J and I ventured out today to spend a gift card he’d earned at work.  It afforded him a new pair of shoes and two pairs of pants for me.  We searched the men’s department for shirts, but had no luck in finding anything that appealed to us. Then, we attempted to go to a mall to go to Cabella’s looking for clothes.


First, we had to park half a mile from the only store we wanted to go to.  Any other time, we’d practically end up parking 2 feet from the door.  Every store we passed by in the mall had lines and lines of people waiting to check out, droves of people snaked around the registers with strategically placed velvet ropes like cattle on the way to slaughter.  Inside Cabella’s, it was no different.

Unfortunately, this store is so damn pricey anyway, and although they had things on sale, the lower priced items were still upwards of 30 and 40 and 50 dollars.  I’m sorry.  But I’m used to getting at least two shirts for 40 dollars, if not more.  I saw several things I liked, but didn’t want to pay those prices.  We were going to go into the mall to try some other stores, but the crowds of weary shoppers walking around like night of the living dead, smothering each other to get in line at the Starbucks kiosk, and slow stroller/purse toting daddies in search of their families just drove me over the top.

We had to leave.

Don’t even think I’ll try again next weekend!  HA!

So it was at least nice to see people out spending money like they got it.  With sales and price-cuts and all, I’m not sure how the businesses are actually doing, but they were indeed packed.

But it brings me back to one question…where in the hell is a good place to get nice quality and affordable men’s clothes?  Anyone?  Any0ne?


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