The End of Days….Autumn Days That Is…

Despite pumpkins on the front lawn and shopping today for supplies needed for a Halloween costume for work, I can’t help but be a bit depressed over this being the last week of October.  Our indoor decorations are more leaves and pumpkins this year, and less bats and skeletons, so that I can leave them up through November for us to enjoy. But we all know November is more of an onset for what is approaching us come December.

I spent some time today bringing in the plants that don’t winter outside well….a snake plant that belongs to J and a Sago Palm we’ve had for two years now.  My mother gave me two banana trees two years ago and last year I cut off all their leaves and stored their trunks in the basement until warmer weather.   A few weeks ago one last and late banana leaf decided to erect itself from the stalk but has yet to open probably because the colder nights have confused it.  So, as I was bringing in the banana trees today and lugging them down to the basement I couldn’t bare to cut off the leaves.  I positioned their pot in front of a basement window so they can get some light and I covered the soil with mesh to keep the cats out.

With the heat on already in the house, I feel like we are going into hibernation.  I could hibernate if I didn’t have to work and pay bills.  So, as I peruse butternut squash recipes on the internet and J mentions time to pick a turkey soon, I am really going to try to enjoy these last days of autumn.  I admit it…I browsed Christmas decorations in Tuesday Morning today (I have an obsession with Santa ornaments), but I didn’t buy anything.  Yesterday I bought a Harvest Yankee Candle and another called Autumn Wreath.  There’s nothing like the lingering cinnamon scents throughout the house this time of year, even at Christmas.

But alas, my favorite season is practically the shortest in this part of the country.  The fall foliage is just now in full color, but a frost will no doubt shock the trees and they will drop all their leaves, and squirrels will rundeep into the tree trunks to sleep before too long.

One October week left and then the goblins and witches come and take my candy away.  Here!  Take it!  Take it all.  You too ole man winter, take my orange and my red and my brown and cover it up in a frosty blanket of white.  Damn you!  Damn you winter!

These are indeed the end of my autumn days.

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