Another Review of Stealing Wishes

Fellow author LK Gardner-Griffie posted a review of STEALING WISHES today in her blog…

While not being my usual genre, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Stealing Wishes as it provides a glimpse of a lifestyle outside of my own. It shows modern day relationships as you only learn the first name of any of the characters. The theme of the book is universal as we all contemplate at one time or other what love is, and struggle with the intricacies of relationships, whether gay, hetero, or both.

You can read the whole review here.

Her book, Misfit McCabe, is quickly grabbing the attention of young readers everywhere.

As a writer, it’s always fun to hear readers’ opinions and to see what they bring away from the book or which characters they connect with.  LK is the first reader to have caught some of the Isherwood nuances.  Though Blaine, the main character, loves Isherwood and is elated to find that Edward, his blind date, does too; and despite Blaine quoting Isherwood throughout the book, there are other hidden Isherwood mentions throughout.  LK points out one of the most obvious ones in her review.  Good job, LK!

And thanks again for a great review.  You’ve made my day!

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