The Death of all of my Flowers

October is the onset of autumn here in St. Louis.  My spring flowers will die away.  My dining room will become crowded once again with J’s snake plant and my sago palm as we usher them inside to escape the first frost.  My ruby bagonias, purple potato plant, fishnet stockings, and blood grass were a nice splash of fall color, but I doubt they will see Thanksgiving.  I have yet to buy mums and pumpkins for Halloween, but they too will surely pass on soon after skeletons and witches come knocking for sweets. All this death, and I’m looking forward to just one thing come October 1st.  PUSHING DAISIES is back!  Thank you ABC!  I’m so glad it survived the writer’s strike and got nominated for Emmy’s.  It’s the best show on television since…well, since Dead Like Me!

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