While The Big Easy Waits

Hurricane Gustav has been on my mind all day as it now spins wildly as a category 3 hurricane right in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico.  Right about now, it’s in the exact spot where Katrina was 3 years ago (just 2 days earlier from today to be exact) when classified as a Category 5.  Katrina lost a bit of speed just before hitting land.  No matter what, I know the levees are still no where in shape to withstand this again.  No attention has been given like it should have been by now, so I fear the worst tomorrow.

So, I pray Gustav loses even more speed in the night.  Currently, he is moving a bit slower than Katrina, and the winds are just a bit weaker.  But who knows?  Gustav could pick up speed.

I was glad to see controlled evacuation on the news today, instead of pure chaos which I witnessed 3 years ago….when all of us were just sitting and waiting.  It was also nice to see a focus on pets.  People were being provided with carriers for their animals to be able to go with them this time.  Buses were taking people to Mississippi. Amtrak was going to Memphis.

I sit here now though, as I write this, holding my breath and praying like a school child in a tornado drill….anxiously wanting Gustav to someone magically disappear, so that none of us have to go through this all over again.

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