The Children: Part 3

It’s been quite a while since I updated with my next Pet Post, so here we go…

Riley is the oldest of our 3 rat terriers and has been a part of the family the longest out of all 3 dogs.  We bought him the following Spring after J and I met.  We both loved animals and wanted a dog.  You could almost say, Riley chose us.  He was on clearance because he was older and getting bigger.  He was 6 months when we got him.  They took him out of his cage and we went into a small room to play with him.  J and I both went teary eyed over this dog.  He had so much energy and just ran circles around us like a race horse.  He immediately picked up a stuffed toy in the room and wanted to play.  And that’s Riley.

He loves to play.  We often have to warn company not to throw the ball no matter how bad you want to, because Riley will nonchalatantly bring a toy to you.  But when you throw it, it’s a game that never ends.  He will bring it back to you again and again and again even if you’ve just tossed it a few feet away.

Riley loves to sleep later than the other two dogs.  When I get up at 6am through the week to let them out, Riley will jump into bed in my spot and lay there like he wants to stay in bed.  On the weekends, I usually let him sleep in with J.

Riley is the last to eat.  I’ve never seen a dog eat like him.  Most dogs gobble up their food within seconds of being fed.  Not Riley.  He can make a bowl of food last all day.  He’s also very dainty when it comes to treats.  The others grab them out of your hand and almost bite a finger.  Riley will gently take the treat from you and walk away to eat it.

He’s the largest of the three, but the most gentle.  He never growls or gets mad.  He often lets the other 2 take toys away from him or even bite on him, and he never seems to care.  He really is the most gentle dog I’ve ever known, and with so much personality with one floppy ear and the other that stands straight up.

When he cries for a toy, he sounds like a baby or a hyenna.  And if the toy rolls under the sofa, he will lie there and beg for your help.  His favorite game is to chase a tennis ball outside.  Again, he never gets tired of that game.

Unfortunately, Riley suffers from a strange summer allergy.  He scratches his snout and chews on his legs quite a bit, so in the extreme part of summer going into fall (right now) he’s face and legs often look a mess.  But to watch him play and run around the house with his two brothers, or roll around on the floor to scratch his back on one of his toys just brings a smile to my face.  He’s definitely a fun bit of happy in my life.

That’s our Riley.

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