STEALING WISHES makes top 50 in Kindle Sales!

Wow!  Apparently, STEALING WISHES is doing better as an E-Book than it is right now in Paperback.  It’s reached #43 in the GLBT category in Amazon Kindle sales.  Thanks to all who have purchased it, in Ebook or Paperback!  I hope you’ll post a review at Amazon after reading it!

Download STEALING WISHES to your Kindle here!

Buy the paperback at Amazon here for $12.60!  Or look for me on Amazon here as MISTERYARBS.  You can get a signed first edition copy shipped directly from me for just $12.00.  That’s $3.00 off the cover price!

Don’t have a Kindle E-reader?  Don’t worry!  Download STEALING WISHES as an Ebook to your computer right here for just $5.00!

Barnes and Noble has it too!


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