Mimi Ausland: A Real American Hero

Mimi Ausland is a 12 years old girl from Oregon, but after giving some serious thought to the “Free Rice” website that helps starving children, she went to her parents with the concept of creating a website to help starving pets. The result?


Visit the site, take a quiz, and every day that you do her corporate sponsor will donate 20 pieces of kibble to an animal shelter.

Mimi was highlighted on the Today’s show today, and has actually saved a shelter from going out of business. Pets are being abandoned at shelters more than ever these days due to home foreclosures! As the numbers in shelters go up, so does the demand to feed them.

So, click on the link and take that quiz every day this week! Right or wrong, an animal wins! And kudos to a twelve year old child with a big heart and a big mind for coming up with this!!

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