Wild Birds! …always shine

J and I made a trip to Wild Birds Unlimited yesterday.  It’s a store devoted entirely to birds….books, feeders, waterers, seed, you name it.  They had it!  We’d never been before but a coworker kept telling me about it.

The staff was quite helpful.  We both later commented on how good and attentive they were.  We bought a squirrel guard for one of our feeders, a shepard’s hook for two other feeders we had not put out yet, a bird bath (which I’d been wanting to get for a year now), and a 20 pound bag of seed.

The seed must have been quite yummy because several friends came to visit one feeder we have on our back porch, which goes to prove some birds are Buddhists.

The squirrel guard worked cause guess who ended up at the temple?


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