The Children: Part 2

Avery is the other cat that I acquired at the same time as Bon Jour.  Unlike Bo Bo, Avery jumped in the box and was ready to go back in 2000 when I went to pick up the cats one Saturday.  Unbeknownst to him, he was on his way to his new home.  He hissed at me for a few days and hid, but I knew he’d come around.  And he finally did, much quicker than Bo Bo.

Avery is a fat cat, but doesn’t eat a lot like you’d think he would.  He’s at least 20 pounds, maybe 25.  Unlike Bo Bo, he doesn’t like human food except for the occasional sip of milk if Bo Bo is having some.  Oh, and of course, he loves tuna fish juice too but frowns at kitty treats.

He prefers long naps on the bed, or on the mat by the back door, or under the blankets on the sofa. The laundry basket is a fun place to hide. He’ll bat at a piece of string or ribbon from time to time, but quickly becomes board with that game.  His signature mark is his little mole on his face and his head but.  To get your attention, or while you are already petting him, he’ll give you a nice head but.  He also likes to give you love bites, which can hurt if you aren’t expecting it.  His purr is very loud, so I assume he’s a very happy kitty.

You’d think he’s the dominate of the two, but Bon Jour will often pounce on Avery when he’s trying to sleep in the sun shine on the floor.  He gives out a wicked cry when Bon Jour is being mean to him.  Avery does not like the dogs because they chase him when he jumps down off the furniture.  He has been known to swat back at them, which often gets him in trouble because Bailey, the middle dog, will attack back.

Overall, he’s a laid back kitty that never causes trouble.

Get that camera out of her!  We’re napping!

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