Stealing Wishes gets its first review!

I was excited to receive an email today letting me know that STEALING WISHES had been reviewed over at Rainbow Reviews. It received a three star “good” rating, despite the lack of much substance in the review itself. Here’s my review of the review…

Over half the review is the entire blurb from the back of the book, followed by three quotes from the book that stood out to Brett the reviewer. The three quotes are then followed by the one paragraph that he wrote about the book, which he starts by regurgitating what’s already been said in the last sentence in the blurb anyway.

Everyone truly can find something to relate to in the story; although the set up of the character of Blaine took a bit long it was worth the effort to get to the halfway point in this story. The slow climb leads to a rapid descent that although cliche in some places is still a good read.

So basically this review is two sentences. Oh well….I’d probably be more offended had I not read some of Brett’s other reviews and found them to be just as simplistic.

Brett has given 4 books a 5 star rating, out of the 16 reviews he’s written, but 2 of those books were written by the person who created the review site anyway. LOL

Am I upset? Not in the least. Am I disappointed? Yes, but not in the rating. A good rating is great, and it is only one person’s opinion, no matter how minor his view may be. I guess after writing professional book reviews for well over 8 years and now currently running my own book review blog, I expect more. If I’m going to take the time to read someone’s book, I’m going to spend just as much time on reviewing it rather than filling up the space with quotes.

But that’s MY opinion.

Click here to read the whole review!

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