That’s right! I gave the blog a new look. Do ya like? I’m really into this whole lime green, powdery blue, on chocolate look. David Bromstad would be so proud!

And check out my new look in the pic over there on the right. About a week ago, I started letting the face carpet grow out. I had just the soul patch at Christmas and it didn’t last long. It’s been about 10 years since I tried the goatee. As a coworker at work said…”Wow, Shannon, you look so trendy!” Um, did I look untrendy before?

A new look for the blog. A new new look for me. Oh, and if you’ve read any of my recent posts then you know I have a new book coming out too! New! New! New! I like it. Like burning a new candle for the first time. The scent of a new car or a new box of unsharpened pencils. Do people use pencils anymore?

One comment

  1. All new looks are fierce! 🙂 And thanks for my photo comment. No lesbianic-ness taken. 😛 When the heat and humidity kick in full force, I’ll probably shave. But then grow it out for the fall.

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