Spring has sprung…

Although it’s already close to being more like summer here, I took the opportunity today to get outside and snap a few photos of the plants and flowers we planted this past weekend…

The birdfeeder is new this year. And the purple flower is something that came back from last year, but we have no idea what it is. It’s the first to have bloomed this year.

The flowerbed in the far back of the yard. The hostas are all from last year. The rest is all new. The statue was found next to the dumpster at our old apartment, and was a decoration in our living room for about a year. J didn’t want to bring it with us but it found its way over to the new house anyway!

There will hopefully be sunflowers in the whiskey barrel soon. The green and brown pots are new, as are the flowers inside them. The sad little pot was a fern that didn’t quite make it on the window sill back during winter. I thought the sunshine might help since it seems to be hanging on.

The hanging basket is new. The wind chime is too, a gift from my brother and his wife at Xmas last year.

No garden in the ground this year. Two pepper plants and a tomato plant here. I’m hoping for wild flowers in the left pot which I can transplant to the yard.

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