All Is Not Wasted

Threats of snowfall.  Falling temperatures over night.  A light rain today.  It didn’t stop me from having a productive weekend, but it did keep me from digging in the back yard.  All this week, my intentions were to spend my birthday money on plants for the backyard.   But, temperatures were supposed to drop last night so I was leery of investing in too many plants just to have them wilt and die on me the first day.

So, yesterday I made the first annual trip to the local farmer’s market to browse their plant selection.  I made a stop at another greenhouse and finally ended up at Lowe’s.  I didn’t buy anything at the market or greenhouse, but I spent my Lowe’s gift card (a Xmas gift from Mom) on two bags of potting soil, some grasses for our property line, and two purple flowering thingys (I love purple).  The plants are sitting in my dining room waiting for next weekend when I hope the weather will be a bit tamer.  I also bought a bird feeder at Tuesday Morning, and two Shepard’s hooks at Big Lots to hang wind chimes on.

As I’ve said before, years ago while living at home, I could care less about a plant or a flower or a vegetable.  I would have spent money on books or CDs.  So it’s true.  You really do turn into your parents the older you get.  I’m anxious to return to the farmer’s market for some flowers and plants for my pots.  After having no luck with bulbs last year, this year it’s going to be all annuals and vegetables for the pots.  I want something that will die off at the end of the season that doesn’t have to come inside.  I’m also going to buy some more perennials for our two flower beds…things that will come back every year but don’t have to be dug up and front in. J and I had a bit of luck with a tiny garden last year, but I don’t know if we will have one this year or not.

So, what did I do this weekend besides window shop for vegetation?  We bought a new rug for the dining room, and rearranged the dining room furniture along with the pictures on the walls.  That led to downsizing a massive bookshelf in the living room, and rearranging some of the kitchen this morning.  Spring cleaning!  We’re both happy with the results and like the de-cluttering we achieved.

Now, it’s the end of Sunday.  The weekend is drawing to a close.  The pets are asleep.  The dishes washed.  The laundry done.  The house clean.  The Big Brother finale is tonight!

We’ll plant next weekend…

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