Spring is here and birds are tying ribbons in my hair!

Although these are pictures from last year, looking back on them is making me antsy to get outside, stick my hands in the dirt, and grow things.  It’s what southern women do, remember? That, and wear funny hats according to Steel Magnolias.

The weather has been gorgeous this week and my weekend trip to Tennessee was nice.  I was so jealous because almost all of my Mom’s flowers are about to bloom.  Her hostas are full grown already where as mine have barely cracked the surface.

While I was gone, J took the time to clean up the yard a bit and pick up the hay that we had put down over the beds for winter.  He also moved the winter bird plants we had brought in back outside to the deck, along with our patio table and chairs.  So, it’s a slow start but we are getting there.  I’m hoping for warm weather this weekend so I can make my first trip to the local farmer’s market to buy plants and flowers, and a trip to Lowes to spend my Xmas gift card I’ve been saving on potting soil.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again….as a child growing up in the rural south, I loved to play outside but I hated plants.  My father and mother planted and tended to a handful of gardens.  Veggies were plentiful and usually handed out freely to elderly neighbors.  We had to mow neighboring yards to earn money for school clothes.  Although I had no choice over the yard mowing, I tried to stay clear of the gardening.  And look at me today!  We pay someone to mow our yard but here I am anxious to get out and grow things.  Slowly, I have become my parents.

Here’s to Springtime!

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