The heat of my post yesterday concerning Angela Hoy’s outrage at PODdy Mouth for misinformation and name calling, and her $500 reward for anyone who could reveal the person behind the infamous blog, was short lived. Today, the PODdy Mouth II site here on wordpress was deleted by the author.

Like PODdy Mouth I, I believe the second blog had reached its prime.  The second blog offered no reviews of POD books or the infamous Needle Awards.  And let’s face it, there are already enough blogs comparing and contrasting all of the different POD publishers.  Thanks to the internet, we can even do it ourselves.  PODdy II did not offer any new information one probably was not already aware of concerning package pricing, commissions, distribution, printing, etc. PODdy’s catty commentary and Sweet Sixteen basketball-like tournament only regurgitated information she’d already stated.  And according to many sources, it was misinformation at that.  I often felt like she only found negativity in the POD industry rather than any praise at all.

The POD Publishers pushing the industry forward today are all unique in their way.  Some are more affordable than others, and like blogs we surf and sites we shop and books we read, authors should just be thankful we have all of these choices to choose from.

And as far as blogs go, there are even more opinions out there which can take the place of your regular visit to the PODdy site.  Almost all of the others that I surf daily are indeed more open and honest bloggers that indeed care more about seeing the authors succeed rather than pointing out the faults POD, like any industry, faces in today’s literary market. Give some of these a try…

iUniverse Book Reviews


Writer’s Weekly

Becoming a Writer Seriously

The Joy of Self-Publishing

Self Publishing (Foner Books)

The Lulu Book Review

(And if you write a POD blog or have another you enjoy visiting on a regular basis, post it here as a comment.)

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