PODdy Mouth Headed for The Toilet?

Angela Hoy over at Writer’s Weekly has put a bounty on PODdy Mouth, offering to pay $500 for her true identity.  Angela, owner of the POD service known as Booklocker, is mad at PODdy for posting false information on her blog about Booklocker and other POD Publishers.

This is going to be just as fun as all the bad publicity Amazon has been getting lately over their POD monopoly.

Apparently, PODdy doesn’t have much to say and has even blacklisted Angela from posting responses on PODdy’s blog.  Read all about it over at Preditors and Editors.



    Update just posted to WritersWeekly.com:
    We have been alerted by a reader that PODdy Mouth just deleted his/her blog in its entirety. We checked it out and, sure enough, it says, “The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available.”

    Good riddance! Don’t let your guard down yet. He/she promised to stop blogging before and started up again. And, this person may return under a different name in the future! Never, ever trust anyone who refuses to divulge their real identity while they spew garbage about others online!

    If you haven’t already, you should definitely read the article about how this all occurred here – http://anotherealm.com/prededitors/pubop070.htm.

    (Oh, and in case PODdy Mouth is reading this…it’s too late. I took screen shots of every single page of your blog before we ran the story.)

    Thanks for helping spread the word about this, Shannon! 🙂


  2. What worries me Shannon about all this is that Amazon must be looking and sniggering up their sleeves. One week Angela break the news, and the next she is cat fighting with PODdy Mouth! A case of the natives fighting while Rome burns!

  3. I am perpetually and profoundly happy that Angela is around to take on people like this nim-ROD character. Mrs. Hoy is prepared for the heavyweight battles, like the one with the ear-chewing Amazon monster, but clearly she can fight in the alley behind the bar, too. Someone has to do the emperor-has-no-clothes bit with behemoths like Amazon. In the case of Poddy mouth, is more a matter of the peon has no class.

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