The Other Side of Kindle

I’m happy to announce my first book, The Other Side of What, will soon be available as a downloadable ebook on the Amazon Kindle.  I think the price is around five or six dollars. The $399 dollar electronic reader intends to revolutionize how we read, and everyone is jumping in line to buy one.  Despite the 3 and 1/2 star rating, people have been on backorder for weeks because Amazon sold out of the little device that let’s you download books and newspapers right to the device in the convenience of your own home, never having to visit a physical bookstore again!  That’s okay….most bookstores wouldn’t carry my book anyway these days.

Yeah…yeah….I know I told you a few posts ago to boycott Amazon.  That’s okay too.  Chances are the people reading this blog don’t have a Kindle anyway.  So, you are more than welcome to go over to B&N and buy a copy of my book.  B&N is out of stock, but there are used copies for as little as $4.35, and NO, that’s not me trying to sell off copies of my own.  I’d at least sell autographed copies for 10 bucks!

My new friend,, has a wonderful array of copies starting at $4.96 and going up as much as $24.93!  Don’t worry…that’s not me either! Again, those are 2nd hand copies from individuals or overstock bookstores.  They probably got their stock from B&N which would explain why they don’t have any.

Or you could prance on over to Xlibris, my publisher, and buy a copy.  $17.84 for a paperback and $27.89 for a hardcover if you are desperate and don’t have to afford gas these days.  I think I’ll get like 10% of that sale; I haven’t earned a royalty from them in years so I look forward to that paycheck.

Or here’s an idea…for a buck you can download it right from my bookstore on  If you still like the feel of paper in your hands, you can buy a copy there for only $9.99 too.  I think I earn like 40% of these sales, so go on…you can boycott Amazon, get the best price on an E-book version, and support the author all at once.  Go on now….I’ll wait for you.


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